Cecile Schauer

President of Strategic Accounts

Patterson Dental

Presenter Topic: Suppliers Insight on Growing Your DSO.

Panel: What’s Next for the Business of Group Dentistry

Topic Description:

Have you ever wanted a birds eye view of the dental market? It is easy to get caught up in the micro environments of your community, your practice and your team, but what if you could aggregate the experiences of many to make business decisions?


As the President of Strategic Accounts at Patterson Dental, Cecile Schauer has seen a lot. She has worked with the largest DSOs in the market and she has worked with single practice locations looking to grow into a large DSO. She and her team have been able to study the growth process as well as conduct extensive research in an effort to make growing a DSO more efficient and she is taking the Scaling Up stage to share with you what she has learned to be the best practices for growth. She will share ways to streamline processes, challenges to anticipate and how to avoid them and how to maximize the successes other groups have had. When it comes to growing dental practices, Cecile’s experience is second to none and you will be sure to walk away with action items and insights for growing your business.

Cecile’s Bio:

Cecile Schauer is the president of Strategic Accounts for Patterson Dental. In this role, she works closely with group practices across the country from the largest DSO’s to emerging group practices that have expanded from a single to multiple locations. Her team has conducted extensive research with emerging and regional DSO’s to identify their needs and challenges, and also their best practices in streamlining efficiencies while rapidly expanding growth. Based on this research and working with their customers, the Strategic Accounts group at Patterson develops new programs and business solutions to meet the unique needs of these emerging DSO’s.

Cecile oversees a field and internal support teams responsible for ensuring that Patterson Dental is supporting the distribution and tech service needs of group practices, and also providing the solutions, products and services to support their business, clinical and growth goals.