Dr. Britt Bostick

Executive Vice President

Mortenson Dental Partners

Topic: Doctor Development: I Have an Associate, Now What?

Breakout Topic: Analytics and Mentoring for New Doctor Development

Topic Description:

Navigating the waters of doctor development, delivering quality dental care, and leading a dental practice has its challenges. When bringing on an Associate Doctor it’s hard to know where to start to ensure overall practice success. In this candid segment, Dr. Bostick will walk you through his “Formula for Success” in doctor development and doctor transition strategies. He will make this process easier, more predictable, and extremely productive.


Breakout Description:

“Do you have a formula for success? Dr. Britt  Bostick does, and he is willing to share it with you! Join Dr. Bostick and Corby Ewing as they walk you through the formula for success and then how to analyze the results. By cultivating mentorship, checking in with doctors, using analytics to compare performance and ramp up and showing doctors what their career path can look like, you can on board and develop your new doctors faster than ever before. How will you know if you have been successful? That is where Corby and his performance analytics come in. Now with a plan and results based on performance data, you can close the feedback loop to your new doctors and achieve the growth in your practice you are looking for.”

Dr. Bostick’s Bio:

Dr. Bostick graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas, in 1988. He was an associate until 1998 when Dr. Mayada Khater joined his group to form Abbeville Dentistry. From 1998–2018, Abbeville Dentistry (now Abbeville Dental Health Management) grew to 21 locations, 217 employees, 28 hygienists and over 34 doctors. Britt stepped away from the chair in 2016 to focus on doctor development and the management of Abbeville. Abbeville Dental Health Management has been named as one of the Inc 500/5000 fastest growing companies for four of the last five years and was awarded the Blue Ribbon Business Award from the United States Chamber of Commerce for the Yes Philosophy and access to care in 2015. Dr Bostick also serves as the V.P. of Clinical Affairs for Mortenson Dental Partners. Dr. Bostick is married to Patti and has 4 children: Brad, Matt, Amanda and Maegan. When Dr. Bostick is not working he loves sports, fishing and hunting.