Dr. Marvin Berlin


Doctor Development Series (DDS)

Topic: Mentoring New Doctors

Topic Description:

We have all heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” But how does it translate into dentistry? It isn’t necessarily about changing the way you perform a procedure, but it is about the way you run and manage your practice. For years, Dr. Marvin Berlin has utilized the Yes Philosophy and continually improved his business management skills to be one of the top producing dentists in the country. And he didn’t stop there. Dr. Berlin knows that in order to positively impact the dental profession, he must share these best practices with as many dentists as possible. That is why he created the Doctor Development Series {DDS}. This proprietary training program is designed to help dentists consistently advance their skill set, gain confidence, manage their schedule strategically and increase production. While he can’t teach you everything you need to know at Scaling Up, come learn from Dr. Marvin Berlin, as he discusses how this revolutionary six-weekend course can increase production 50-100%. “

Dr. Berlin’s Bio:


Dr. Berlin is among the most sought-after instructors in dentistry, and the founder and senior partner of McKinneyDentist.com, one of the most productive and profitable dental practices in America boasting over $10M annually, and consistently ranking in the top 1%, nationally.

Dr. Berlin loves sharing his practice philosophy and provides a unique combination of presentations that are current, applicable, and entertaining. “First and foremost, I am like you; in the trenches working a full 3.5 days a week. Everything that I present is something I do and do well. My content is always current and upbeat. We don’t sell any product or company.  I’m presenting what works in the real world. I’m also a graphic artist nerd, and it shows in my presentations, which are both actionable and entertaining.”