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Mortenson Dental Partners

Topic: Putting a Succession Plan in Place

Topic Description:

Are you building your DSO to stand the test of time?  In this powerful section, Dr. Wayne Mortenson will share his philosophy on how to put a succession plan strategy in place that supports your mission and values.  Developing your existing talent to meet the growing needs of our industry is critical to building a legacy organization. Dr. Wayne will share what you need to do NOW to prepare for your future.

Dr. Wayne Mortenson’s Bio:


Dr. Wayne Mortenson, DMD, was born and raised in the small town of Elfrida, Arizona. Upon graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Agriculture, Dr. Mortenson planned to make a career of farming. After a few years of farming, Dr. Mortenson and his wife Sue decided to make a career change to dentistry to serve the needs of others and to have a positive impact on patients health and well-being.
Dr. Mortenson enrolled at the University of Louisville College of Dentistry and opened his first dental practice in 1979. He eventually opened a second office and began building a legacy in the dental profession. He joined organizations such as the Crown Council and participated in programs like Dental Boot Camp, to ensure he and his team were always growing better as clinicians and as people.
Dr. Wayne and Sue have 4 children, 3 of which attended dental school as well. As their children graduated from dental school, the Mortensons began investing in more dental practices, and that is how the growth of Mortenson Dental Partners began. Mortenson Family Dental locations began popping up across the Louisville community and the Mortensons saw, what a great impact they could have on the community when they all worked together.
As the company began to grow in Louisville, it attracted attention from other dentists around the country looking to grow in a similar way. Mortenson Dental Partners was created as partnership were formed across the country and now it operates over 130 practices in 9 states.
Under Dr. Mortenson’s leadership, Mortenson Dental Partners has been named to the Louisville Business First Fast 50 list 8 times. Dr. Mortenson has been recognized as the Louisville Business Leader of the Year and a University of Louisville College of Dentistry Alumni Fellow of the Year. MDP has been named the Louisville Business of the Year, a Great Place to Work, a Partner in Philanthropy, an ESOP Company of the Year for the KY/OH ESOP Chapter, and a Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business Place Ethics winner. Dr. Mortenson has also been recognized by the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in honor of National Philanthropy Day, by WaterStep and the American Heart Association.
Every step of the way, it has been important for the Mortensons to support the communities in which they serve and around the world. Dr. Mortenson was asked to join the Board of Directors for the Smiles for Life Organization and a great partnership was born. Since partnering with Smiles for Life, the Mortenson Dental Partners practices have donated over $1,700,000. They have traveled to Africa to deliver water purification systems and continually offer free dental care to the underserved in the community.