Dr. William Engilman

President of Support & CIO

Mortenson Dental Partners

Topic: Analytics: Using Big Data to Drive Big Decisions

Topic Description: How do you utilize available data to make better decisions at the practice level? What data is available to you? Today, you have more data available to you than at any time in history. Utilizing it can help creating an even deeper understanding of your dental business. Join Dr. William Engilman for a quick dive into the possibilities presented by Big Data in your practice group.

Topic (Technology Session): What Needs To Go and What Needs To Grow

Topic Description: As you begin to expand your footprint, whether it is across town or across the country, you will quickly find that you need change the way you utilize technology to help keep things moving smoothly.  You will find yourself making decisions regarding the need for larger more complex networks, Voip phones, replication, data loss protection etc. The technology that you used to use is not longer powerful enough, or doesn’t offer all the features you need to continue your dramatic growth.  Join Dr. William Engilman as he relives some of the technology growing pains he encountered as CIO of Mortenson Dental Partners, and lends some insight into the future of office technology.

Dr. Will’s Bio:

Dr. William Engilman, President and CIO of Mortenson Dental Partners, has a unique educational background that he has used to propel Mortenson Dental Partners into the visionary practice management group they are today. Prior to attending dental school at the University of Louisville, Dr. Engilman studied computer science and mathematics at Brigham Young University.

But soon after marrying his beautiful wife, Dena, she suggested dental school. He decided to attend the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. As his passion for orthodontics grew, Dr. Engilman decided to move his family east and attend the University of North Carolina for three more years of studies, and then returned to Louisville to practice orthodontics. His love for computer science led Dr. Engilman to creating a unique and intricate realtime reporting system to improve practice performance.