Felix Negron

Founder CEO

Cyber Security Expert-FBI Background

Topic: Protecting Your Practice From External and Internal Threats – HIPAA Compliance & Cyber security

Topic Description:

HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity are tightly intertwined for a reason. As practices continue to move into the digital age, cyber threats become a larger concern. Additionally, the more PHI your practice contains and has access to, the larger your target becomes. In this session we will discuss how to mitigate risk from external and internal threats and how that ties into your cybersecurity strategy. We are living in an age now where the solutions to prevent data breaches and HIPAA violations are far less than the damage they can cause your practice. Join us as we teach you how to protect yourself, your practice and your patients without expending valuable time, resources and dollars.

Felix’s Bio:

Felix Negron graduated with his B.S. in Information Technology and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. He has over 20 certifications within all fields.  

He is currently the founder and CEO of threatShield security. In this role he is able to work side by side with the FBI-Mandiant-Fireeye controlling cyber-attacks to USA corporations.  He had been instrumental in building the black network for Coca-Cola industries and protecting the Coke recipe for over 8 years.  He has built a custom appliance to detect in real time abnormal behaviors within networks. (They have gone more than two years without a breach.) Mr. Negron has built an AI product to detect Ransomware and restore data within minutes in the event of a ransomware attack.

He is an active member of the FBI private sector, CJIS certified and President of the Foundation Protecting Helpless Children.