Gregory B. Anderson

Managing Director

Crown Council

Topic: A Case for Cause Marketing

Topic Description: 

What does your marketing mix look like and are you sure you have the right mix in place? Marketing and the best techniques are always changing. From IP targeting and custom content to tried and true measures like TV and radio, what is the best mix for you and your team? Join Jacque Ramsey and Greg Anderson, Founder and CEO of the Crown Council, as they make a case for Cause Marketing. No matter your budget, cause marketing should be a cornerstone of your marketing mix. Here why, and the best strategies to build you brand, reputation and loyalty through cause marketing!

Gregory’s Bio:

Gregory B. Anderson (Greg) is a graduate of the University of Utah (’76 BS Finance) and enjoyed careers in banking and real estate development before starting a marketing firm in 1989.

For the past 25 years, Greg has been the Managing Director of the Crown Council, a worldwide association of dental professionals. The Crown Council is the largest independently owned for-profit dental association in the world.

Greg also serves as President of the Smiles for Life Foundation. Through a relationship with the dentists of the Crown Council, Smiles for Life has raised over $42,000,000 to help kids and others in need. Smiles for Life contributes financial resources to selected nonprofit organizations that effectively serve and primarily benefit children with an emphasis on health, education and inner-city services. The Smiles for Life Foundation has sponsored over 40 dental  humanitarian trips to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nepal, Boliva and Mexico.

Greg has been married to Allyson Baker since 1973. They are the parents three children (Rachel, Stuart and Graham) who, along with seven beautiful grandchildren (Ava, Addison, Samantha, Arthur, Zoe, Virginia and Annie) continue to be the central focus of their lives.

Enjoying work in the community, Greg has served as the President of the Granite Education Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy of Utah, Camp Kostopulos Foundation and has served on the Board of Directors of the University of Utah Alumni Association. For the past 20 years he has served (and continues to serve) on the international board of the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation.