Jacque Ramsey

Director of Patient Loyalty

Mortenson Dental Partners

Topic: A Case for Cause Marketing

Topic Description:

What does your marketing mix look like and are you sure you have the right mix in place? Marketing and the best techniques are always changing. From IP targeting and custom content to tried and true measures like TV and radio, what is the best mix for you and your team? Join Jacque Ramsey and Greg Anderson, Founder and CEO of the Crown Council, as they make a case for Cause Marketing. No matter your budget, cause marketing should be a cornerstone of your marketing mix. Here why, and the best strategies to build you brand, reputation and loyalty through cause marketing!

Jacque’s Bio:

Jacque Ramsey serves as the Director of Marketing for Mortenson Dental Partners. In her career with MDP, she has challenged the traditional marketing efforts of the dental industry and leads the national marketing effort for the company with a focus on patient loyalty. Jacque earned her MBA from the University of Louisville and prior to joining MDP, she worked with the Horseshoe brand of Caesar’s Entertainment. Jacque enjoys traveling, playing tennis and spending time with her Pug Mallory.