John Stamper

Director of Optimize

Mortenson Dental Partners, Technologies

Topic: Going at IT Alone

Topic Description:

Looking to grow from 1 to 5 to 20 practices and you have made the decision to go at it alone?

This breakout will cover some of the keys things to think about when you make this very important decision. We will also touch on the importance of setting up a solid IT Infrastructure and the positive impact it can have on scaling your organization as well as the power of managing your growth via a clean aggregated platform of informatics.

John’s Bio:

John is an entrepreneur at heart.

After a professional career of 24 years that has taken him down the path of cooking food to US Navy Submarine crews, selling stocks and mutual funds door to door, selling equipment to Dental Practices, LEADING teams of people that sold equipment to Dental Practices, working directly WITH teams in Dental Practices all over the country and starting several dental technology companies from scratch, he is driven by 4 key things:

Designing tools that make things easier

Creating experiences that make things better

Helping people & teams reach goals they never thought were possible

Being a connector..someone who helps design and build the bridge between “the here and now” and “a better tomorrow”