Mike Dost

Chief Financial Officer

Dental Services Group

Topic:What’s Next for the Business of Group Dentistry

Topic Description: The dental industry is changing rapidly as the cottage industry moves to more consolidation.  How will this impact your strategy and what should you do to prepare? Come hear Bill Becknell and a panel of industry experts representing suppliers, payers, DSO’s, analysts and more as they discuss how the changing market dynamics will influence the business of dentistry in the coming years.

Mike’s Bio:

Mike Dost has over 35 years of business and finance experience in the healthcare, consumer products and automotive industries. Mike’s 20+ year business career has been spent as CFO, including three healthcare companies and three private equity portfolio companies. Most recently, Mike has worked in the dental industry, first as CFO of Heartland Dental during its high growth stage, and currently as CFO of Dental Services Group, the largest network of dental laboratories in the US. Prior to his business career, Mike worked in the administrations of three different Presidents in the US Office of Management and Budget, starting as a budget examiner and rising to Chief of the Health and Human Services Unit where his team oversaw the budgets of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Mike received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida and his M.A. in Public Policy (Economics/Quantitative Methods concentration) from the University of Chicago.