Speaker Topics


Jon Acuff -The Story of your Dental Practice and Why it Matters

Bill Becknell– Panel Discussion: What’s Next for the Business of Group Dentistry

Britt Bostick – Doctor Development: I Have an Associate, Now What?

Brian Colao Review & Analysis of the current DSO Marketplace

William Engilman – Analytics: Using Big Data to Drive Big Decisions

Dr. John Gulon – Group Practice Spotlight:  Park Dental – Celebrating Doctor Ownership

Hillary Highes – Practice Transitions and Developing an ESOP

Dr. Wayne Mortenson – The Purpose Behind Scaling Up

Cheryl Penava – Driving and Inspiring Excellence Across Practices

Dale Sanford– Managing your Real Estate Portfolio

Cecile Schauer– Suppliers Perspective

Technology Speakers

William Engilman – ScalingUp – What needs to go and what needs to grow

Joel Beres– Understanding Individual Property Rights and avoiding pitfalls in your Practice

Chris Grimm-Going Google:Why Moving to G Suite was a Great Fit for Mortenson Dental Partners.

Ben Winter – Using Technology to Build a Better Back Office

Breakout Speakers

Andrea Edelman-More Than A Cleaning: Developing Your Hygine to Peak Performance

Mark Hahn– Legal

Andrea Kartch-Leadership Development

Jacque Ramsey– Marketing, is it more than Patient Attraction?

Dale Sandford– Affiliating With a Doctor owned DSO

Melissa Thomas-Motivating To Achieve Practice Excellence through Business Operations

Christy Williams -Developing Your Front Desk Talent


Colin Carr– Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio

Mike DostWhat’s Next For The Business of Group Dentistry

Mike Calleja- Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio

Cecile Schauer– What’s Next for the Business of Group Dentistry